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Ararat International Trading:  Distributors for MENA


Ararat International has had exclusive agencies for the past 40 years; we have represented and represent public companies as well as innovative and exciting small business.  But one quality which all these companies have in common, is the innovation of their product and passion of their team.  We have to be passionate about a product, and believe in the leadership.  Products created through passion and innovation, or sometimes instant successes, with continued tradition and Vested leadership, net consistently positive results.  These are the companies that have the appeal, the companies that we would use our influence, relationships, and persistence to eventually bring into our territories.

At Ararat International, we strive to make our business relationships last, not months but years of profitable and exciting ventures, always adapting to the growing Middle East and African markets.  Our philosophy has always been to commit ourselves completely, even at our own expenses and additional time of which we may never recover.  But this is where our successful ventures emerge. When the opportunity to distribute a brand arises, our willingness to go beyond the expectations of a contract, beyond our calculations of a marketing budget, to be willing to do whatever it takes to be the winning team.  Above right, Ararat International™ represented Michelin™ Tires France in co-operation with the Michelin™ Liaison Office in Ethiopia.