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ARARAT International - Importer Exporter Of Good | ARARAT

About ARARAT International


For over 40 years, ARARAT INTERNATIONAL™ has been established as a world  renowned, full service distributor, helping companies successfully tap in to the  Middle Eastern and African markets. The companies extensive knowledge of regions  intricate market structure has enabled their clients to expand exponentially  both in profits and development. What makes these results obtainable is Ararat’s  understanding that these foreign economies are always evolving, with a constant  demand for new and innovative products.


ARARAT INTERNATIONAL™ was established in the Sudan, Africa in 1974 by the late Shawarsh Soukias Vanian branched out from the Holding Company of S. & S. Vanian Ltd, Established in 1888 by Soukias Vanian, succeeded by Souran  & Garo S. Vanian.  Vanians as it was known and called by the Sunday Times UK; the Harrods™ of Khartoum as they were high callibre general outfitters. (Sudan being an English Colony and Khartoum being  the Capital) Sudan is the largest country in Africa and has extensive natural resources.    Ararat International™ was inclined, since the beginning, to introduce major Industrial manufacturers to Africa.   Ararat International™ were the vigilance which carefully overlooked the development of new relations in various African countries and assisted the Embassies politically, economically, commercially and even culturally.  In 1980, Ararat International™ Introduced the first ever French Protocol in The Sudan, which made France a donor like other European countries which were involved in manufacturing and export; Germany, Italy, Holland etc.  Ararat International™ created a joint assistance committee to comb the short term and medium term financing requirements and this functioned for five years starting with 30 million dollars (in 1980) and upwards every year.  Ararat International™ initiated four International Protocols, and can be proud to the fact that today, it has introduced to the African economies, such invaluable commercial and industrial ties, and that those companies from their relationship with Ararat, can now call Africa, one of their most profitable markets.  RVI-Berliet™, Alcatel Telecommunications™, Turbines (Alsthom™) Peugeot™, CIM™, Arbel™ ect..

Ararat International™ today is based Luanda, in Angola, and has diverse interests in The Middle East and African Economic and commercial life.  Ararat International™ are franchise holders, exclusive agents and sole distributors of top grade European and US Companies.


Pictured to the right,  On February 24th 1993, The President of France, Francois Mitterrand, awarded Garo Vanian for Ararat International™, The Legion of Honor for the development of Franco-African Business Relations.  The National Order of the Legion of Honor, is a French order established by Napoleon Bonaparte, First Consul of the Consulat which succeeded to the Directoire, on 19 May 1802. The Order is the highest decoration in France. The award is rarely given to a foreign company and requires 25 years of professional activity, and “eminent merits”.