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Ararat International Trading, Export your products to Middle East and Africa
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No country has more than 20% of the world’s population. This means that if you never expand outside your home country, you potentially are losing out on potential sales from at least some of the other 80%. Simply put, expanding beyond your own shores can increase business volume and profit.

20 April 2012 – The 250 largest consumer products companies grew 8.4 percent, nearly a 10 percent turnaround from the prior year’s 1.2 percent decline, according to a new report by Deloitte, entitled ‘Global powers of the consumer products industry’. The Deloitte report also finds that consumer product companies are seeking to establish footprints in higher growth emerging markets, amongst which, are the Middle East and Africa.

Overseas markets always hold undiscovered opportunities for new comers. However venturing overseas can be tricky, you can benefit greatly by using an established distributor like Ararat International with a proven track record. Our experience will also benefit in regards to cost and logistics, and the knowledge of the local culture, will help in adapting marketing strategies to account for these factors..

Business Protection
Reduce risk by having income from different markets and dynamics. Your business is protected from a single market’s downturn, a natural disaster, or government regulation. Such can be crucial for business survival when there is income from different markets when circumstances in another become unfavorable. Another thing to consider is your competition. They will be going global at some point and will hold a strategic advantage in both presence and profit. Expanding to international markets will keep you in step with your competition, or even give you that edge you have been wanting over your competitors.

Growth and Development
An International business expansion will also improve your knowledge of key business aspects. You learn to look from a global perspective and see things such as building your existing business model. It can become more efficient and productive, gain international brand recognition, and tap new markets while you develop an international strategic business plan. The competitive advantages that come with being an international player will also make you more competitive in your existing market. And after venturing into foreign markets, you and your employees will be better able to recognize opportunities in existing markets.

  • Increase sales and profits
  • Gain global market share
  • Reduce dependence on existing markets
  • Extend the sales potential of existing products with relatively low development costs
  • Reduce risk; Stabilize seasonal or cyclical market fluctuations
  • Profitability
  • Business Protection
  • Growth and Development

Ararat International Trading, does not export US Products to embargoed countries.